New Instagram System Fields
Now available to Instagram DM Automation, you will receive more information about your contacts within System Fields of ManyChat and can use this information to segment, filter, and create different automation experiences.
These new fields include:
  • Follows Business on Instagram (Y/N)
  • Follower Count on Instagram
  • Verified on Instagram (Y/N)
  • Business Follows Contact on Instagram (Y/N)
  • Instagram Username
You can use these new System Fields in Flow Builder currently in the Condition block, as a text input, or as a trigger rule.
To learn about using these new System Fields, click here
Story Mention Reply Improvements
We have added the Story Mention Reply as a Trigger on the Flow Builder level and added the ability to either send a reply to a Story Mention either "Once per 24 hours" or "Every time". To use this tool, go to Settings>Instagram>Story Mention Reply. Read more here image
Dynamic Content block for Instagram
We have opened up the ability to use the Dynamic Content block for Instagram DM Automation. If you are trying to send dynamic content via API to your contacts, now you are able to just as you are in Messenger. We recommend only developers that are comfortable with APIs and JSONs to use this feature.
To use this feature, go to your Flow Builder, edit a Flow, and add a Dynamic Content block there. Currently there's no way to test this feature for IG.
Learn more how to use this feature here
Instagram Story Reply Trigger
The Instagram Story Reply trigger makes it simple and efficient to create automated replies or reactions to be sent to your followers when they reply or react to one or all of your stories.
This trigger can be found either in
Flow Builder
as a trigger in the Starting Step or in the
Growth Tools
section of your ManyChat account.
This feature allows you to:
  • Send a unique message when your followers “react” to your Stories (e.g. 🔥😍👏)
  • Set a message to send after a follower replies to your Story with either a specific Keyword or to trigger for all replies
  • React with the ❤ (heart) to every reply from a Story
You can either select individual stories or all stories to attach this trigger to. Also, you can create Keywords that fire off certain responses based on if the user replies with a certain Keyword or Reaction.
Learn how to use this tool here.
Convert Channels
Convert Channels is the newest tool available to all ManyChat accounts.
This tool allows you to convert a flow built for one channel and change it to another channel. Some examples include:
  • Instagram-to-Messenger and Messenger-to-Instagram
  • Messenger-to-SMS and SMS-to-Messenger
  • Instagram-to-SMS and SMS-to-Instagram
You can also convert multi-channel flows, if you use any combination of the channels, to other channels of your choice.
To get started, go to the Flow you want to convert, click the three dots button next to the “Edit Flow” button, and select “Convert Channels”. Select the channels you’d like the message blocks to convert to and we will copy your flow over in seconds. You will find your new flow in the same folder.
Learn more about the Convert Channels feature here!
Date/time picker for Instagram
Now released for Instagram Automation, you will be able to give contacts the ability to select a date/time during directly within a flow. To use this feature, go to Flow Building>User Input>Date/Time.
Whether you want to set up appointments directly within Instagram or integrate with Calendly, now you can within Instagram.
Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 9
Pricing Updates
As of September 1st, 2021, we have released new pricing updates and plan limitations. Please read this article for more information!
Keyword Upgrade
Keywords have gotten a facelift. Now instead of using commas to separate keywords, just hit 'Enter' on your keyboard to create a new variation of it! Also, this means that you will be able to include phrases that have commas in them as keywords. image
EEA Restriction Rollback
Facebook has announced that they have rolled backed almost all the EEA restrictions for Messenger to be fully functional. The full list can be in the article here and found below.
{Last User Input} variable is now supported for Instagram and SMS Channels
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