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Updated Action Picker

What's new:
▪ actions are grouped into categories
▪ each action has a description
▪ actions are highlighted based on the connected channels + usage status)
Performing actions has become really easier! Let's go 🔥
You can now import contacts into your Manychat account in order to launch broadcasts from your Whatsapp account, regardless of your verification status!
Simply go to your Audience Tab then click Import. You can then upload a CSV filled with your existing contacts phone numbers.
🎉 You asked, we answered. We've now enabled the WhatsApp List Messages to enhance your customization possibilities with Manychat! This feature streamlines interactions and empowers you to provide a more personalized experience for your WhatsApp users. 📝💬
List Messages let you send a message that includes a button which reveals a pop-up menu when pressed. The pop-up menu can display up to ten predefined sections that you specify. Within each of these sections, you can list ten more options.
You can view this short video to learn more about List Messages!
To use this feature, simply create a new flow, create a WhatsApp node and select "WhatsApp List Message,” then customize the options to suit your needs. 👥🔧
You can see examples and how it looks on the user’s end below. ⬇️
We believe this new addition will significantly enhance your messaging strategy and elevate your communication with your WhatsApp users. As always, we value your feedback, and we're committed to continuously improving your experience with ManyChat. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the pipeline! 🚀
We're happy to announce that Referral Urls are now available for Instagram! Now you can create a link that will drive people into your Instagram Automations.
Currently, these conversations will only be visible for users that are accessing your link from their mobile phones.📱
Your Instagram Automation won't trigger automatically unless the user has already DM'ed you before. As a result, you need to have Conversation Starters enabled for users who have never interacted with your business before so that they can enter the automation easily after clicking on your link.
The Instagram Referral Url is now the best way for you to drive traffic from any channel into your Instagram DMs!
To access the Instagram Referral Url, create a new flow and select "User clicks a referral link" as the starting step.
You can read more about this feature from the blog post here:
We are pleased to announce the release of our latest mobile app update, which brings significant enhancements to your Instagram marketing capabilities.
Here’s what you can expect:
Our WhatsApp Message Template management functionality gets some essential updates:Please note that while it is possible to sync Message Templates from Meta's WhatsApp Manager to Manychat (except for new language versions of existing templates),
we strongly recommend that you create, update, and delete Message Templates using Manychat exclusively
. This will help you avoid any syncing delays and conflicts, such as missing variables.
New Live Chat conversations can now be distributed to agents or groups automatically with Auto-Assignment for Inbox. This tool is essential for agents to efficiently manage new incoming conversations and control how they're distributed across the team.
Conversations can be automatically assigned to individual agents or groups and rules can be created for advanced routing based on specific conditions. Individual assignment limits can be set for each agent to ensure that they're not getting more tickets than they can manage at any time.
There are three options for Auto-Assignment:
- When Auto-assignment is turned OFF, team members manually select conversations from the 'Unassigned' folder.
- All conversations in the 'Unassigned' folder are automatically distributed evenly amongst agents. Assignment limits can be set for each agent individually.
- Conversations can be assigned to individual agents or groups of agents using customized rules.
Auto-Assignment can be enabled by going to Settings --> Inbox --> Auto-Assignment.
Learn more about how to use Auto-Assignment for Live Chat.
Multiple image files can now be selected and sent to contacts in one action during a Live Chat conversation. Users will no longer need to send image files to contacts one by one.
To attach multiple image files, click the image icon at the very bottom of the Live Chat conversation, select the files in the pop-up modal, and hit send.
Previews of attached images can be seen in the text input field and can be removed by clicking the 'x' that appears when hovering over the selected image.
We're excited to announce that audio and video messages are now supported in the Instagram Direct Message channel.
Audio and video files can be attached to any Instagram message in Flow Builder and used in your automated flows. Different media can be incorporated into your flows to keep customers engaged through your DM automation.
New Audio and Video blocks are accessed through Instagram message blocks in Flow Builder:
Please note: We are aware that these messages take a bit longer to send. We are working with Meta to fix this.


Facebook Messenger

Mobile App

Messenger Templates for ManyChat Mobile App

Basic automations for Facebook Messenger can now be created and published with new templates for Messenger in the ManyChat mobile app.
Templates are pre-built, simple automations that can be customized to individual business needs.
To access Messenger templates, open the ManyChat mobile app, go to the 'Automations' tab, and press '+ New Flow' on the bottom right corner of your screen to access all available templates.
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