Improved Live Chat Navigation
New easy-to-use filters have been introduced to Live Chat that will help agents save time when managing and navigating through customer conversations.
Screenshot 2022-08-04 at 13
Filter by Conversations:
Unassigned - New conversations that are not assigned to an agent
You - Conversations that are assigned to you as a Live Chat agent
Team - View and filter conversations that are assigned to other team members
All - All existing Live Chat threads (assigned and unassigned)
Filter by Channels:
View and filter all Live Chat conversations by channel
Canned Responses in Live Chat
We've made some improvements to Canned Responses in Live Chat that will allow agents to easily create and find existing responses without ever leaving the Live Chat conversation.
Formerly known as Snippets, Canned Responses are pre-built messages that can be built for agents to quickly reply to frequently asked questions and inquiries from customers.
To create a new Canned Response, simply click the new chat bubble icon with a star located at the bottom of your text input window in Live Chat to view a menu of options to manage, find, or create a new message:
Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 12
All existing Canned Responses will be displayed in this new drop-down view so agents no longer have to search for them via text input. Canned Responses can still also be managed by accessing the Live Chat section from your Settings.
Notes for Live Chat
We've made some improvements to Notes in Live Chat that will make it easier for agents to manage notes for themselves and between other agents.
Jump to Notes
You can now easily jump to any existing note simply by clicking the note from yourself or another agent:
Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 11
All existing notes for a contact can easily be viewed in their contact card from Live Chat so you can make sure that important notes for contacts are visible and accessible to all agents.
Comment Growth Tool now works with Instagram Reels
Replying to each comment can quickly become challenging for anyone, which is why the Comments Growth Tool Trigger is such a powerful feature to help you process all of your incoming messages. Now, Instagram Reels comments are supported too!
Some ideas how you can use the Comment Growth Tool:
  • Automatically reply directly below a comment publicly on a post.
  • Automatically send a private reply in the Direct Message with the contact who left the comment.
Want a refresher on what the commend growth tool can do for you? Head over to our Support Portal article and check it out again!
Acquire a New WhatsApp Phone Number directly within ManyChat
Obtain and purchase a new virtual phone number directly within ManyChat for using WhatsApp with ManyChat.
With WhatsApp Automation, we recommend connecting a new phone number to successfully set up your business on ManyChat. Now directly within ManyChat, you can obtain and purchase a new phone number with less hassle and on a per monthly basis.
If you want to use an existing phone number, that is still possible with WhatsApp but if any issues come up, get a new one directly through ManyChat and let us handle the rest.
To get started:
  1. For new accounts: Go to and select “Get Started Free”
  2. Select WhatsApp under Channels
  3. For existing accounts: Go to Settings
  4. Press Connect and then select “Get new number to connect”
  5. Select the Country of origin for the Country Code
  6. After selecting your Country Code, you will be start being charged based on Twilio by-country rates
  7. Press “Get number” and your phone number is ready to use
  8. Finish the sign up process and the verification steps and your business is ready to use WhatsApp Automation with a brand new phone number
Send Flow Suggestions and WhatsApp Audio
Mobile App
We're excited to announce a couple of updates for the ManyChat mobile app in this release:
Send Flow Suggestion
Save time when responding to contacts with suggested Flows to send based on most frequent usage.
When typing a response to contacts in the Live Chat thread, you'll now find suggested Flows along with Snippet (canned messages) suggestions displayed above the text input bar.
Flow and Snippet suggestions can be filtered by typing into the text input bar.
WhatsApp Audio Messages
Boost your customer's chat experience with the addition of audio messages for the WhatsApp channel on the mobile app.
You can now receive and listen to audio messages from contacts on the mobile app via the WhatsApp channel to better engage your customers.
ManyChat for WhatsApp is officially open!
After a successful Beta program, we’re happy to announce that we have officially fully integrated with WhatsApp and are open for all businesses to use.
As an official WhatsApp Business Service Provider, ManyChat integrates directly with the WhatsApp Business API, taking the developer work away and allows you to connect with your customers in a few simple steps.
Features for WhatsApp include:
Message Ref URLs & QR Codes
: The ability to create specific links that can be easily sent to your customers and are automatically transformed within ManyChat into QR codes to display to your customers
: Design coupon, click-to-WA ad, and other Marketing campaigns to instruct your customers’ to send you a specific Keyword or phrase
Message Templates
: Re-engage your customers past 24 hours on WhatsApp*
Live Chat
: Use Live Chat for your whole team to quickly answer and escalate conversations that are coming into WhatsApp and analyze in the Audience section for a more informed view of your customers
Images, Videos, Files, and More!
: Build immersive conversations for your customers by adding images, videos, files, variables and emojis to build a relationship with your customers and have them coming back for more.
*Additional verification is required
Recurring Notifications
Facebook Messenger
Broadcasting is back! We are excited to introduce a new way to re-engage your customers on Messenger: The Recurring Notification
The Recurring Notification allows your business to re-engage your customers after 24 hours of last interaction, with prior permission, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
If you are familiar with the Broadcasting tool with ManyChat, the Recurring Notification expands on this tool by creating an experience that your customers are in control over.
First, to send Recurring Notifications, you must receive prior permission from the customer to send them a Notification by having them opt-in. Also they have the opportunity to opt-out at any time.
With the Recurring Notification you can:
  1. Send time-sensitive marketing campaigns
  2. Create drip campaigns
  3. Follow-up with your customers after the conversation has ended
Create your first topic today by going to Settings -> Messenger -> Manage Notification Topics
Learn more to get started
ManyChat Inbox
Inbox Pro is a new ManyChat solution that will help businesses create a seamless shopping experience for their customers from the first chat through checkout. Inbox helps sales and support teams efficiently manage various customer communications in one central view, to allow them to respond quickly and close more sales.
The main features of Inbox Pro are:
All-in-one Inbox
Centralized location for all inbound messages across available channels: Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, and SMS.
Live Chat
Enhanced Live Chat features such as merging contacts that will help sales or support agents work more efficiently.
Agent Performance Analytics
Live Chat Analytics that displays Agent chat performance metrics: assigned/unassigned and closed messages.
Product Catalog
Quickly close deals and accept payments directly in chat via your PayPal or Stripe account. Easily create a product catalog directly in ManyChat and send requested items to your customers.
Simple Automation tools
Use simple automation tools such as Default Reply, Keywords, Welcome Message, etc. to effectively manage inbound traffic. Simply put routine conversations (such as FAQ's) on auto-pilot to free up your time to strategize and focus on the hot leads.
View full details on Inbox Pro.
Please note: Inbox Pro is a separate solution from our current Pro offering for Marketing Automations.
Live Chat Folders
We're announcing some updates to the Live Chat folders to help capture and manage new leads more efficiently.
Updated folders will be introduced for Live Chat:
, and
These will replace the two former ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’ folders in Live Chat.
  • Unassigned
    - All new incoming messages from contacts will be in this folder
  • Assigned
    - Any conversation that an agent has replied to, that has been manually assigned, or automatically assigned via an Action block in your flows will be in this folder
  • Closed
    - All conversations marked ‘Closed’ by an agent or automation will be moved to this folder
  • All
    - All Live Chat conversations, regardless of status, will be in this folder
Please note: The Action step ‘Mark Conversation as Open’ has been changed to ‘Mark Conversation as Unassigned’ to align with these updates.
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