ManyChat for WhatsApp is officially open!
After a successful Beta program, we’re happy to announce that we have officially fully integrated with WhatsApp and are open for all businesses to use.
As an official WhatsApp Business Service Provider, ManyChat integrates directly with the WhatsApp Business API, taking the developer work away and allows you to connect with your customers in a few simple steps.
Features for WhatsApp include:
Message Ref URLs & QR Codes
: The ability to create specific links that can be easily sent to your customers and are automatically transformed within ManyChat into QR codes to display to your customers
: Design coupon, click-to-WA ad, and other Marketing campaigns to instruct your customers’ to send you a specific Keyword or phrase
Message Templates
: Re-engage your customers past 24 hours on WhatsApp*
Live Chat
: Use Live Chat for your whole team to quickly answer and escalate conversations that are coming into WhatsApp and analyze in the Audience section for a more informed view of your customers
Images, Videos, Files, and More!
: Build immersive conversations for your customers by adding images, videos, files, variables and emojis to build a relationship with your customers and have them coming back for more.
*Additional verification is required
Recurring Notifications
Facebook Messenger
Broadcasting is back! We are excited to introduce a new way to re-engage your customers on Messenger: The Recurring Notification
The Recurring Notification allows your business to re-engage your customers after 24 hours of last interaction, with prior permission, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
If you are familiar with the Broadcasting tool with ManyChat, the Recurring Notification expands on this tool by creating an experience that your customers are in control over.
First, to send Recurring Notifications, you must receive prior permission from the customer to send them a Notification by having them opt-in. Also they have the opportunity to opt-out at any time.
With the Recurring Notification you can:
  1. Send time-sensitive marketing campaigns
  2. Create drip campaigns
  3. Follow-up with your customers after the conversation has ended
Create your first topic today by going to Settings -> Messenger -> Manage Notification Topics
Learn more to get started
Live Chat Folders
We're announcing some updates to the Live Chat folders to help capture and manage new leads more efficiently.
Updated folders will be introduced for Live Chat:
, and
These will replace the two former ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’ folders in Live Chat.
  • Unassigned
    - All new incoming messages from contacts will be in this folder
  • Assigned
    - Any conversation that an agent has replied to, that has been manually assigned, or automatically assigned via an Action block in your flows will be in this folder
  • Closed
    - All conversations marked ‘Closed’ by an agent or automation will be moved to this folder
  • All
    - All Live Chat conversations, regardless of status, will be in this folder
Please note: The Action step ‘Mark Conversation as Open’ has been changed to ‘Mark Conversation as Unassigned’ to align with these updates.
Opt-out language for SMS
Due to carriers regulations opt-out text is automatically added to the non-LiveChat SMS for contacts that were messaged more than 7 days ago.
Opt-out text may affect the SMS price.
This change will help you to be compliant with SMS rules and keep healthy delivery rate.
Flow Builder for Messenger Update - Message Tags
Facebook Messenger
We've improved and updated the presentation of implementing message tags to Messenger nodes within Flow Builder. Now inside the Messenger node are 3 options: Sent "inside 24 hours", "outside 24 hours window" and "as a Comment reply".
Sent inside 24 hours will be the default setting for your messages and should be used for all initial opt-ins and messages intended to be sent within the 24 hour contact window.
Sent outside 24 hours window are for specific messages like OTNs, Recurring Notifications and Message Tags that are sent after the 24 hour contact window closes. Make sure your messages follow the parameters set for each of those options.
Sent as a Comment reply is a specific message option that should be only used for the Comments Growth Tool as the initial reply after the comment is made.
Learn more about sending messages outside of 24 hours using message tags here.
Last Interaction and Last Seen System Fields
Last Interaction
Last Seen
System Fields are now available for WhatsApp. These System Fields allow you to set automatic re-engagement messages to be sent after a certain period of time of when your contact last interacted with your bot or for your bot to perform an action based on inactivity of your contacts.
Last Text Input System Field - WhatsApp
Introducing the ability to store your WhatsApp contacts' last responses as a System Field within ManyChat. Use this System Field to personalize your contacts' experiences and confirm information that they previously gave you such as Appointments, birthdays and more.
Telegram Channel is available to all users
We are happy to announce the Telegram channel is now officially available in ManyChat.
You can connect your bot in seconds from your
Settings page section > Telegram > Connect.
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Learn more about Telegram connection here.
Telegram channel allows you to re-engage with your contacts, send notifications, follow-ups, and many more. This is possible due to the fact the 24-hour rule does not apply to the Telegram channel which means you are not limited time-wise.
Use the Flow builder to create automation and move your conversations with your clients to one more more messenger of their choice.
US State System Field for SMS
Introducing a new System Field for SMS:
US State.
Due to US SMS laws, we are required to list the US state a SMS contact belongs to automatically.
To comply with the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) (which restricts SMS communication from 8 am to 9 pm) and in Florida (the state TCPA shortens the time window from 8 am to 8 pm), you will use this System Field as a filter for your SMS broadcasting.
This System Field will also allow you to segment your contacts and send customized SMS messages to them based on where they are located in the US.
Learn more here
Wallet for WhatsApp Message Templates (Beta)
Starting December 14th, we’re rolling out per-message fees for WhatsApp Message Templates delivered outside contact’s 24h messaging window.
What are Message Templates?
Message Templates are WhatsApp’s version of paid messages and give you the ability to send unlimited messages outside of 24 hrs for re-engagement, promotional and customer service related purposes.
What’s Changing?
Sending Message Templates carries an additional cost on WhatsApp’s end. Going forward, you will need to load your ManyChat Wallet to use WhatsApp Message Templates. This will allow you to consistently send Message Templates without any interruption or delay.
To get started with Message Templates:
  1. Go to your ManyChat account
  2. Select Settings>WhatsApp
  3. Go to Message Templates and Create your first Message Template
  4. And to fill your ManyChat Wallet, go to Settings, Billing and fill your Wallet with Auto-refill or by clicking “Add funds”
Availability & pricing varies by country. Learn more here!
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