Date/time picker for Instagram
Now released for Instagram Automation, you will be able to give contacts the ability to select a date/time during directly within a flow. To use this feature, go to Flow Building>User Input>Date/Time.
Whether you want to set up appointments directly within Instagram or integrate with Calendly, now you can within Instagram.
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Pricing Updates
As of September 1st, 2021, we have released new pricing updates and plan limitations. Please read this article for more information!
Keyword Upgrade
Keywords have gotten a facelift. Now instead of using commas to separate keywords, just hit 'Enter' on your keyboard to create a new variation of it! Also, this means that you will be able to include phrases that have commas in them as keywords. image
EEA Restriction Rollback
Facebook has announced that they have rolled backed almost all the EEA restrictions for Messenger to be fully functional. The full list can be in the article here and found below.
{Last User Input} variable is now supported for Instagram and SMS Channels
Buttons for Instagram Automation: use them in message blocks with text, cards, and galleries
Learn more about using Buttons here.
Single SMS number for all accounts
We are depreciating the use of multiple phone numbers for every account and replacing it with a single/primary phone number with an unlimited message limit.
Instagram Comments Automation
We have re-introduced the Comments Automation growth tool for Instagram. To learn more, go here.
{Last Interaction} and {Last Seen} variables for Instagram Automation
With a mission to give Instagram Automation the same power that Facebook Messenger has, we have introduced the variables [Last Interaction] and [Last Seen] for Instagram.