Acquire a New WhatsApp Phone Number directly within ManyChat
Obtain and purchase a new virtual phone number directly within ManyChat for using WhatsApp with ManyChat.
With WhatsApp Automation, we recommend connecting a new phone number to successfully set up your business on ManyChat. Now directly within ManyChat, you can obtain and purchase a new phone number with less hassle and on a per monthly basis.
If you want to use an existing phone number, that is still possible with WhatsApp but if any issues come up, get a new one directly through ManyChat and let us handle the rest.
To get started:
  1. For new accounts: Go to and select “Get Started Free”
  2. Select WhatsApp under Channels
  3. For existing accounts: Go to Settings
  4. Press Connect and then select “Get new number to connect”
  5. Select the Country of origin for the Country Code
  6. After selecting your Country Code, you will be start being charged based on Twilio by-country rates
  7. Press “Get number” and your phone number is ready to use
  8. Finish the sign up process and the verification steps and your business is ready to use WhatsApp Automation with a brand new phone number