Live Chat

New Live Chat conversations can now be distributed to agents or groups automatically with Auto-Assignment for Inbox. This tool is essential for agents to efficiently manage new incoming conversations and control how they're distributed across the team.
Conversations can be automatically assigned to individual agents or groups and rules can be created for advanced routing based on specific conditions. Individual assignment limits can be set for each agent to ensure that they're not getting more tickets than they can manage at any time.
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There are three options for Auto-Assignment:
- When Auto-assignment is turned OFF, team members manually select conversations from the 'Unassigned' folder.
- All conversations in the 'Unassigned' folder are automatically distributed evenly amongst agents. Assignment limits can be set for each agent individually.
- Conversations can be assigned to individual agents or groups of agents using customized rules.
Auto-Assignment can be enabled by going to Settings --> Inbox --> Auto-Assignment.
Learn more about how to use Auto-Assignment for Live Chat.