Instagram Story Reply Trigger
The Instagram Story Reply trigger makes it simple and efficient to create automated replies or reactions to be sent to your followers when they reply or react to one or all of your stories.
This trigger can be found either in
Flow Builder
as a trigger in the Starting Step or in the
Growth Tools
section of your ManyChat account.
This feature allows you to:
  • Send a unique message when your followers “react” to your Stories (e.g. 🔥😍👏)
  • Set a message to send after a follower replies to your Story with either a specific Keyword or to trigger for all replies
  • React with the ❤ (heart) to every reply from a Story
You can either select individual stories or all stories to attach this trigger to. Also, you can create Keywords that fire off certain responses based on if the user replies with a certain Keyword or Reaction.
Learn how to use this tool here.