🎉 You asked, we answered. We've now enabled the WhatsApp List Messages to enhance your customization possibilities with Manychat! This feature streamlines interactions and empowers you to provide a more personalized experience for your WhatsApp users. 📝💬
List Messages let you send a message that includes a button which reveals a pop-up menu when pressed. The pop-up menu can display up to ten predefined sections that you specify. Within each of these sections, you can list ten more options.
You can view this short video to learn more about List Messages!
To use this feature, simply create a new flow, create a WhatsApp node and select "WhatsApp List Message,” then customize the options to suit your needs. 👥🔧
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You can see examples and how it looks on the user’s end below. ⬇️
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We believe this new addition will significantly enhance your messaging strategy and elevate your communication with your WhatsApp users. As always, we value your feedback, and we're committed to continuously improving your experience with ManyChat. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the pipeline! 🚀