Quick Reply Improvements
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We have released two new settings related to Quick Replies within ManyChat that will help decrease your drop-off rate with contacts and make your conversations smarter in guiding your contacts through automation to the final destination even if they do not select a Quick Reply.
These two settings are "Follow-up if contact hasn't engaged" and "Retry if reply isn't a Quick Reply".
Follow-up if contact hasn't engaged
" allows you to automatically reach out to a contact that did not select a Quick Reply and stopped automation. You can set this to be up to 24 hours of the last interaction.
Retry if reply isn't a Quick Reply
" is the second newest feature for Quick Replies that if a contact does a non-Quick Reply activity within the bot, you can set up a automatic message to go out with the same set of Quick Reply options asking the contact to select a QR to continue the conversation. For instance, a contact selects an option in the Main Menu or asks a question outside of the automation that they are in, you can set up a "Try Again" message to appear X amount of times with the same Quick Replies prompting them to select one to continue the conversation.
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