Wallet for WhatsApp Message Templates (Beta)
Starting December 14th, we’re rolling out per-message fees for WhatsApp Message Templates delivered outside contact’s 24h messaging window.
What are Message Templates?
Message Templates are WhatsApp’s version of paid messages and give you the ability to send unlimited messages outside of 24 hrs for re-engagement, promotional and customer service related purposes.
What’s Changing?
Sending Message Templates carries an additional cost on WhatsApp’s end. Going forward, you will need to load your ManyChat Wallet to use WhatsApp Message Templates. This will allow you to consistently send Message Templates without any interruption or delay.
To get started with Message Templates:
  1. Go to your ManyChat account
  2. Select Settings>WhatsApp
  3. Go to Message Templates and Create your first Message Template
  4. And to fill your ManyChat Wallet, go to Settings, Billing and fill your Wallet with Auto-refill or by clicking “Add funds”
Availability & pricing varies by country. Learn more here!