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Region-Lock Chatbots
Why Region locking is important. Only applies to Subscribers It auto-segments your audience. If you sell in the US, have a chatbot for the US, FB page for the US. If restrictions to a certain region apply, your entire business/chat experience doesn’t get affected by one or more people being on the FB page. 2a. You can see what strategies work best in each region. No need to have language and locale filters do the work when the bot by design is doing it for you. Cleaner audience, FB ads are notorious for drawing in people outside of the country if you do broad targeting, now with FB’s oopsies while they take your $$, the bot will politely dismiss them if they engage which will prevent spammers and bots from getting into the audience. If the bot has a region that the person is contacting them from available, redirect them to that bot instead. Online retailers have specific domains for each region, why not chatbots? 6.Have “Regions” America and break that down into sub-regions like the US, Canada, Latin America, South America 6a. Have the ability to expand or contract your region. 6b. My region is “Americas” but only the United States is where I want. 6c. I want to remove/add Canada & Mexico to my “region” 6d. In those sub-regions, such as America, being able to filter by state instead of Locale. Additional benefits of Region-locking a chatbot. The admin can live in another country, the same thing with the team, it only applies to subscribers, this prevents issues from cascading from one region to another. Also, this helps ManyChat find better solutions to specific regional problems like SMS & Email for other locations such as the rollback for SMS in South America due to “pricing issues” no only those people in that region are affected and get the news instead of notification(s) across the board for all Bot builders. Allows for regional experts in ManyChat and FB ads to shine and show what works best in their region vs the global scale. No need to have multiple language filters for larger areas anymore. The region filter will be based on the actual of where the subscriber. It can be based on local time for them, where they live, what country they live in. The location they often log in to FB from. Zip Code, Country code, Area code, etc. There are so many ways that this can be determined to see if someone is an actual resident of that region since FB has most of the login information from subscribers including phone numbers which is huge at determining where someone is from. Upvote the shit out of this. Stop getting bullied by Facebook.
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