Good afternoon and let me try to explain what the problem is. The problem is not with the reply to the comment, everything is working properly there. The problem is with the comment response trigger. Imagine that your post starts getting a lot of comments per minute. It could be 50-80-150 comments, which means that every second the comment trigger is triggered several times in a row, triggering responses at the same rate. This is the problem because it looks like a d-dos attack. And you get blocked even though you didn't do anything wrong. So, we need a function to set response time of trigger itself. For example, I can set a delay of 10 seconds and choose to respond one at a time. In this case trigger will work properly and everyone will get their answers. Of course not all at once, but that's how it should be. This is the function this trigger needs. Or another option is to allow adding other blocks before the text block in the comment response block. Such as randomizer and smart delay. Then you could also adjust the response trigger time and set the time. Each response would be given at the system's choice of a different time. This is exactly what needs to be done. This is very relevant for those who have an active audience on Instagram responding and commenting on their posts. This is necessary for all FB and Instagram comment triggers, and for WhatsApp too, if it is provided there.