It would extremely helpful to be able to have a block to be dynamic - meaning the ability to turn on this feature and applying them across your bot in the various automations you have set up.
Similar to what WordPress has on their sites where you make a change to a font in one setting to apply to all of the pages or a color etc, this would the same functionality.
Seeing that it is very time consuming to update inidivudal blocks that were serving the same purpose (for example external actions like updating all of the fields connected to Google Sheets or ActiveCampaign), we can make sure we aren't missing something going in and out of automations but change it in one place.
I know this isn't probably possible now but this would be huge for users building very advanced bots where we have sometimes dozens of flows that use the same blocks and it is tedious to update one by one and maybe forgetting fields in the process.
Please consider this and upvote if this would help you (ps I know it would :) )