The original layout of the ManyChat home page was, Overview, then Metrics.
Now it's "Goals and strategies"
Why should overview be 1st page/Home page?
  1. It's where you'll see if you have any page ban, blocks, or Facebook oopsies.
  2. You can see the health of your chatbot at a glance, did you grow or shrink in Subs.
  3. You can see what flow was last updated and if any are unpublished. WOW Super important to see that.
4.The "Goals and Strategies" page doesn't go away if you complete the tasks.
  1. There is so much available real estate in MC to put something like this, maybe put an Education section above Templates to highlight "important information" from ManyChat.
  2. If you're a Pro account, "ManyChat Pro/Agency partner this information is not useful at all. We/they already know how to do that since it was in the test required to get our Badges from ManyChat in the 1st place.